Providing a permanent home for a child is a lifelong family commitment. Requiring love as well as dedication and responsibility, adoption can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Children Available for Adoption 

For more information on children available for adoption go to the AdoptUSKids website.

The children waiting for adoption range from toddlers to teens. Most are between 6 and 16 years of age. Many face physical, mental, emotional and/or educational challenges. Some are siblings who want to be adopted together.

Wendy's Wonderful Kids

Wendy's Wonderful Kids is an adoption program available through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Wendy's Wonderful Kids is a program that utilizes specially trained recruiters to seek out homes for specific children; often children that have been waiting the longest for an adoptive family.

For more information go to Wendy's Wonderful Kids website.

Who can Adopt?

Adoptive parents can be single or married, homeowners or renters, parents, or people without children. You just need to be at least 21 years of age, emotionally mature and able to give a child unconditional love, security, and adequate care. Other qualifications include:

    Completion of an adoption application.

    24 hours of pre-service training 

    Participation in a home study, a physical exam and a criminal background check.

Children are placed with the family who can best meet the child’s identified needs. The time it takes to approve an adoption is different for each situation. Once a child is placed in your home, the adoption cannot be finalized until the child has lived there for at least six months.

Financial Help

As a public agency, Wyandot County Children Services does not charge fees for adoption services; however, you may incur court and legal fees related to the adoption finalization. The county can at times assist with the legal fees of adoption if the child being adopted is in the permanent custody of a county agency.

Several subsidy programs are available based on the child’s eligibility and your ability to meet the child’s needs. They include:

    Adoption Assistance Subsidy – The adoptive child may be eligible for monthly financial support and medical coverage. The amount is based on the child’s special needs.

    State Subsidy – A family whose income qualifies may receive a monthly payment and medical coverage for the child.

    Post Adoption Special Service Subsidy (PASSS) – Assistance is available to meet certain special needs of the child after the adoption is finalized. The funds are not to exceed $10,000 per fiscal year. In some circumstances, an additional $5,000 is available. The PASSS program is operated by Ohio KAN and can be accessed below.

Go to the Ohio Kinship and Adoption Navigator website for more information.