Intake and Investigation

Wyandot County Children’s Services staff are available from 8-4:30 pm Monday through Friday to take reports regarding concerns for children and families. Typically, the concerns will either be screened in for follow-up by an intake worker or screened out because it does not meet guidelines required for our agency to become involved with a family. All after-hours calls will need to go through the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Department by calling 419-294-2362.

Wyandot County Children Services is mandated by law to assess concerns related to child abuse, neglect, and dependency. When we are notified about a concern for a child, an intake worker will respond to it. 

A family's contact with the Assessment/Investigation worker will last from 30-60 days depending on the circumstances of the concern. If significant concerns still exist at the end of 60 days, the family's case may be transferred to a caseworker in an ongoing case management department.

An assessment/investigation is one of the many ways that Wyandot County Children Services helps our community maintain safe and nurturing homes for children. Assessments/Investigations are our first response to reports of possible child abuse or neglect. They help us understand how families are functioning, and aid in determining if children are safe and getting adequate care.

Our caseworkers visit homes, talk to family members, and help them access services to make changes to ensure the children are cared for and safe. The vast majority of times, concerns can be resolved without any services beyond the assessment/investigation

There are two types of Assessment/Investigation Cases:

    Traditional Response

A traditional child protection response is needed in order to determine whether abuse or neglect has occurred and to ensure child safety and well-being.

    Alternative Response

An alternative approach where there is no direct finding of child maltreatment may be more appropriate.

In both Traditional and Alternative Response cases, caseworkers partner with families and ensure that they are connected with the services and supports they need to keep their children safe.