Adult Protective Services


Adult Protective Services are provided to the elderly who are in danger of harm and/or are unable to protect themselves. Wyandot County Department of Job and Family Services is mandated to investigate and evaluate reports of suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults age 60 and over. Wyandot County contracts with the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging to provide all APS services to the citizens of Wyandot County. 

Adults who experience abuse, neglect or exploitation are offered supportive services, as available, for protection and self-sufficiency.


To report suspected neglect, abuse, or exploitation of an at-risk senior in Wyandot County, please call (419) 617-0855. For any after-hours emergencies you can contact the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Department by calling (419)-294-2362. The dispatcher will be able to get you in contact with the on-call APS worker from the Area Agency on Aging. 

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