The Wyandot County Engineer's Office requires permits for all work performed within a road's public right-of-way in order to maintain the integrity of the roadway system. Special Hauling Permits are also required for overweight vehicles.

Permits are issued by the WCEO for the County road network and all 13 townships, since the County Engineer functions as the engineer for the townships. There is no charge to obtain a permit.

All applications are reviewed and permits are issued provided the proposed work meets all County standards.

The authority to regulate work that obstructs or interferes with the safety or usage of any portion of the county right-of-way is provided in Chapter 5547 of the Ohio Revised Code and includes all objects in the right-of-way that are owned by utilities or adjacent property owners. The authority to regulate the installation of driveway culverts, other excavation or construction/reconstruction of utility poles on township roads is provided in Section 5571.16 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Permit Downloads

  • Driveway Permit Application (PDF) - Driveway permits provide private access to the public road system. These permits also ensure that driveway pipes are installed per County standards.
  • Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF) - Right-of-Way Permits are most often issued for tiled frontages - areas where property owners elect to install drainage tile in ditch lines to make them more attractive, easier to mow, and less hazardous. These permits help the county ensure that appropriate sized tile are installed.
  • Road Crossing Permit Application (PDF) - Road crossing permits are used when it is necessary to cut through a road for the installation of utilities, such as phone, water, electric, gas, cable or drainage tile.
  • Special Hauling Permit Application (PDF) - Special Hauling Permits give the County the opportunity to review overweight and oversized loads moving through Wyandot County. This ensures safe equipment and proper routing along the most appropriate roads in an effort to minimize potential damage to the roadway system.
  • Utility Permit Application (PDF) - Utility permits ensure that all utilities, such as phone, water, electric, gas, and cable, are installed in the proper areas of the public right-of-way. Safe construction and correct installation are required per standards directed by the County Engineer.