Drive-Thru Recycling Center

Drive-Thru Recycling Center

The Wyandot County Recycling Center is open to the public and features self service drive-through area for the public to drop off recyclables. The recycling center offers an aluminum buy-back program that reimburses residents for their aluminum cans as long as they are clean and dry. Televisions and monitors are accepted at the drive-through for a small fee. All other electronics and large appliances are accepted for recycling free of charge to the public.

Curbside Recycling Trailer

Curbside Recycling Programs

The City of Upper Sandusky, Village of Carey, and Village of Sycamore offer non-subscription curbside recycling programs. Contact your respective municipality if you have questions about what day(s) items are picked up at your residence. A complete list is located under Recycling Information in the left hand column of this page. 

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The Wyandot County Solid Waste Management District provides awareness, outreach, and educational opportunities for schools, clubs, non-profits, and businesses in Wyandot County. Our curriculum covers a vast range of ages and can be catered to your needs. Click on the Contact Us button above to fill out a form letting us know what your needs are.

Large Recycling Dumpsters

Saturday Recycling Drives

The Wyandot County Recycling Center provides Saturday recycling drives to various locations around Wyandot County. These recycling drives rotate on a monthly schedule. 

Recycling Dumpster and Truck

Business Recycling Routes

The Wyandot County Recycling Center provides business routes within Wyandot County to qualifying businesses. Old corrugated cardboard, office paper, newspaper, glass, and plastics are just some of the recyclables we service on these routes. Contact us personally for a free waste audit and to see if you could be added to one of our business recycling routes!

Cardboard Recycling Trailer

Cardboard Recycling Trailer

The Wyandot County Recycling Center purchased a new trailer in 2019 to give residents in Upper Sandusky and surrounding communities the ability to recycle cardboard much easier. This trailer is located in the parking lot of the Wyandot County Emergency Management Services, 401 N Warpole Street, and is emptied on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, typically. Chipboard items such as cereal boxes are also able to be placed in the trailer.