A Message from the Sheriff

Welcome to the Wyandot County Sheriff's website. Our goal is to provide information that will be informative and useful to all citizens and visitors of Wyandot County.

I am very honored to serve the citizens of Wyandot County as your Sheriff for over 32 years. I was first employed as a Deputy Sheriff in March of 1976, and have been serving as your Sheriff since December 1986. I am proud of the members of the Wyandot County Sheriff's Office and the Wyandot County Sheriff's Auxiliary in the job they perform for you, the citizens of Wyandot County. Your financial support, as well as your aid in being additional eyes and ears for Wyandot County is a tremendous assistance to the operational effectiveness of the Sheriff's Office.

The Office of Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in the state of Ohio. The Sheriff has countywide jurisdiction with full law enforcement powers that include cities, villages, townships, roadways and all property both public and private in Wyandot County. The Sheriff maintains a 24 / 7 operation to include; emergency E-911 dispatch, dispatch for law enforcement, fire and EMS. The Sheriff is also responsible for the Wyandot County Jail, serving civil and criminal papers for the courts, court security, transporting prisoners, extraditing prisoners, investigating crimes against the public, enforcing traffic laws, keeping the public peace, investigating traffic crashes and many other tasks.

Sheriff sales of property, issuing concealed firearm carry permits, registering sex and arson offenders and doing criminal backgrounds checks are additional duties that have evolved in recent years.

The Wyandot County Sheriff's office remains committed to the citizens of Wyandot County. If at any time you need assistance, please contact us at 419-294-2362.

If you have an EMERGENCY, please dial 9-1-1.

Michael R. Hetzel


Wyandot County